Karachiites reactions on Imran Khan’s arrival

Imran Khan’s plan to come to Karachi was as hyped as anything that is associated with him. The man never loses his charm. Add to that that the fact that this time he came with the new Mrs Khan, who was rewarded with the title of ‘National Bhabi’ by MQM. But that doesn’t mean everyone was equally excited or overjoyed about it. Given the events that occurred in the past few days had increased tension in the city as it is and most citizens were apprehensive rather than happy. Here are the reactions that people from different segments of society had on his arrival:

PTI supporters happy



Tum aye to aya mujhe yaad, gali mai aj chand nikla; jaaney kitne dinoun k bad gali mai aj chand nikla. I’m going to dance myself to Immy…I mean change!

MQM Supporters


 You’ve hurt our feelings and we are emotionally injured, but Bhai told us to be calm and behave so…

mqm Welcome to Karachi…

Residents of Nine Zero (Azizabad)

nine0When will this storm pass?!


He’s gonna come for lunch!!!


 Did he come? Is it over yet?




Residents of Karachi

tumblr_inline_nefsiyRBZ51qehyjr (1)

Whatever, we have better things to worry about

And most importantly, journalists, who are always in the line of fire and still don’t get any credit


Seriously, is this deja vu or what? He’s saying the same things!


Even my creativity is cursing me now. How do I make it sound like he said something new and important?

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Hamza Abbasi – wannabe buzurg who is Jawan at heart


Practice what you preach. Sounds simple eh? Apparently it is not. Making tall claims, acting as moral police, commenting on everything that crosses your eye is terribly easy. It also indicates how big of a hypocrite the person is. Hamza Abbasi is one perfect example.

There is no denying that I was head over heels in love with him when I saw Pyare Afzal. It was during the serial was on air that his online presence grew as well. Nothing can make a fan girl’s day better than a Facebook update from her celeb crush. They were nothing but interactive posts that invited a lot of comments and discussion. Then Imran Khan came out on streets and Hamza’s updates started tilting from being entertaining to political. Even that was digestible, even though the number of likes and comments on his posts had gone down remarkably (yes I noticed that). The problem started when he joined PTI and started sounding more like a politician than an entertainer. Soon after he started trying to preach ‘Pakistani values’ as well, as if we don’t have enough of that from the moral police, who don’t even know which culture they are talking about. But that’s another matter.

If you’ve watched any of Hamza Abbasi’s interviews, no not the ones on news channels, but the ones on entertainment channels especially those in which he appeared with his friends of the showbiz industry, you’d see that he is not nearly as serious as he sounds on his page. Many times, his own friends implied, or said directly, that he is a flirt in front of him and he didn’t negate them. That is not the issue though. He can flirt around and be playful and jolly if he likes, no one would mind surely. The issue is his pretense of being a conservative person when he is clearly not.

Recently he resigned from his post as PTI’s culture secretary because all of a sudden he remembered that he ‘romanced women in bikinis’ in his upcoming film (Jawani Phir Nahi Aani). Despite all his condemnations of the rising trend of ‘item numbers’ and criticism on women (without naming them) for shedding their clothes to gain popularity, he didn’t hesitate in shooting a movie that seems all about young people spending their lives in dancing clubs and bars. And now, when the trailer has been released, he regrets it all of a sudden and resigns. Wow! People are definitely impressed by his ‘honesty’ but to me he reeks of double standards and lies. Then again, he is a part of PTI so…

You can see the trailer here: 

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Is removing security barriers a step to ensure security?

Yesterday we were informed that Rangers have ordered to remove all sorts of security barriers and gates installed in several streets of Karachi. Some would welcome this announcement, they would do so without stopping to think how it would affect the citizens living in the areas that will be deprived of the little bit of security provided to them in their homes.

I get it, a cleanup operation is being conducted, criminals are being caught and every effort is being made to make Karachi a safe city. I trust our security forces and I know that they will indeed do what they mean to but the goal hasn’t been achieved yet. There is still crime in Karachi and people don’t feel safe anywhere. Security gates have at least provided some security to residents in their own streets.

Before taking away these barriers, have the decision makers asked the residents how they feel about it? Or are their feelings irrelevant? Is it too much to ask that people feel safe in their homes? That they can come out in their streets without fear of somebody pressing his gun against their temple asking for all that they have? How will they assure us that we won’t be harmed in our own neighborhood? What alternate security system are they going to install? And most importantly, before common citizens are made vulnerable by this step, will VIPs be made to give up their security as well? Will ‘no-go’ areas be cleared?

All these questions need to be answered before giving a deadline. In this so-called democracy, we are already being made vulnerable to a lot of elements without being consulted. It’s not fair to take away the little bit of protection that we are being provided without even asking us once. I hope that the love that every political party and forces have for Karachi will make them pity its citizens and reconsider their decision.

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