5 things that happen when you get too busy

So much to do, so little time. We all go through that stage of life when there is hardly any time left for us to stop and relax for a bit. A free Sunday is a luxury. Following are five things that everyone with a hectic schedule goes through.

Almost no family/social life:

In most cases it is work or education (or both) that keeps us busy. While working and studying is good, when things get too crazy you are left with no time for family or friends which is a huge downside. And often drives you crazy.

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Zero tolerance for anyone who complains about your routine:

Don’t you see I hardly have time to breathe? It’s honestly very infuriating when someone whines that you don’t give them time when you are losing your head trying to do everything to balance an out of control routine. Listening to all the nagging and cribbing makes you want to slam that person’s head in a wall.

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The fact that I’m talking to you, no, giving you time to speak to me, is enough proof that I care enough to give up a precious few minutes of my life. But I’m not doing so to listen to you complaining.

No time to think:

Of course when you are too busy you hardly have time to sleep let alone think. It becomes really hard, in fact becomes tedious to think about anything other than your work/education/social activities or whatever it is that keeps you busy.

Better time management:

Life cannot be put on hold forever. Busy bees learn pretty soon how to make the best of the little bit of free time that they are left with and hence make productive choices.


No more negative feelings:

This is the best part. You are not left with any time to feel anxious, depressed or hurt for long. The feelings are natural of course, but the constant activity forces you to move on and shed everything aggravating from your already overloaded mind. You are just too busy to stay negative.


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Cosmo Mornings: Bloggers meet up at Cosmopolitan

Even after I decided to attend the bloggers meet up at Cosmopolitan, I didn’t know what to expect. I had heard that it was a good place to eat out and I safely assumed that their breakfast would be good as well.


The first thing you notice, wherever you go, is of course, the ambiance. It kind of prepares you for what’s coming. Cosmopolitan wins here with its cozy atmosphere and welcoming staff. Inside is a small hall with small tables and couches and a bar in a corner. The walls are covered in murals, depicting different aspects of life in Karachi, both desi and formal.




Food & Presentation

We were given a limited breakfast menu with something of everything. According to the owner however, there will be a lot more options once they actually open for breakfast in a week. After a warm welcome and a nice cup of cappuccino, I was served my order: The Ferrero Rocher pancakes. Four pancakes served in a bed of cream, with layers of Belgium chocolate mousse between each of them and topped with chocolate ganache and almonds, it was what you call a heavenly breakfast and an amazing start to my Sunday. The amazing presentation made it even more tempting.


The Ferrero Rocher covered in chocolate ganache and topped with almonds.

Needless to say, it was extremely rich and fulfilling. You should only order it if a) you have a huge appetite;  b) you haven’t eaten anything for about two days or c) you have someone to share it with.

Despite the fact that I couldn’t finish it all (I did try my best) I still eyed what others ordered. Normandy seemed to be a popular choice and it did look really good. If I had an extra stomach I would definitely have tried it. The New Yorker, I heard, was just as good as was the French Toast. The latter was, once again, too rich and creamy.


The New Yorker along with a frothy cup of cappuccino


Normandy with tea


French Toast


The service was OK. As the place filled in with people, it got really slow and one of my friends had to remind the waiter to serve her order.

Cosmopolitan is a venture of three foodies who want to share their love of food with others and so far, they seem to be doing well and hopefully, will continue to aim for perfection in future too. I’d definitely recommend it.

Food: 5/5

Presentation: 4.5/5

Ambiance: 5/5

Service: 3.5/5

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Do we need to defend our religion?

It’s been 31 days since the deadly attack in APS and we are already caught up with other problems. On the 16th of January, the day the marked the completion of one month since the massacre that took place in Army Public School, Peshawar, it weren’t the demonstrations against terrorism and memorial services held for the young martyrs that made headlines. It was the violence that took place outside French embassy in Karachi after JI students marched towards it to protest against the provocative caricatures published in a French magazine. A magazine that is published in a language majority of Pakistanis don’t even understand.

This is, of course not to say that people forgot the Peshawar incident completely. Candle vigils, memorial services were held throughout the country. And it wasn’t like they weren’t of importance for mainstream media. But the havoc wreaked due to the protest overshadowed their value.

Every Muslim feels angry over the publication of the cartoons published in the name of freedom of speech. There have been numerous arguments about it already so I won’t indulge in them again. But it really bugs me when people of our country, and our country alone, live up to their expectations and react violently so all of us our branded as extremists. The sane voices that condemn the duplicity of rules when it comes to freedom of speech are drowned in all the noise.

I don’t even feel the need to defend Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH). He is above the ridiculous cartoons which reflect the sick imagination of a few so-called artists. Preaching violence in his name is not what is required or expected of his followers.

Such violent reaction is an insult to the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). If we claim to be Muslims, we need to follow his teachings. He brought to us the message of peace, mercy and love. Anger is haram (forbidden) in Islam. How can anything justify the destruction caused, supposedly, in his name? These fanatics should question themselves: would he be happy with them for behaving like this?

Didn’t people of Mecca insult him? How did he react? He prayed for the people of Taif after they stoned him and his shoes were filled with his blood. He signed a peace contract, known as Sulah-e-Hudaibya, with the people of Mecca after they stopped him from performing pilgrimage. He bought medicine and took care of the woman who threw rubbish at him.

It seemed that the protesters forgot the little children we lost a month ago to this extremism. This antagonism is what the civil society is rallying against and it’s what we need to get rid of. What good do these protests do to us anyway? Damage our property? Risk our lives? Is this what the ‘true Muslims’ are aiming for?

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