Diet food – what to cook: from an amateur’s diary

Here is another recipe from the diary of an amateur cook who’s on a protein diet. Apart from helping me lose weight, this diet has actually made me improve my cooking skills. I’m posting another recipe that I tried yesterday. Once again Google failed to help because the recipes were either too time taking or weren’t halal. This one is more simple and more tasty and takes just 30 minutes, preparation and cooking included. Once again, this is a chicken recipe because you can only eat so much of lentils and eggs etc.

Moving on, here’s what you’ll need for four pieces of chicken:

Onion paste – 1/5 or 2 tbs

Garlic paste – 2 tbs

Corriander (hara dhaniya)

Paprika – 2-3 tbs

Salt – to taste

Black pepper – to taste

Lemon juice – ¼ cup

Butter or oil to fry

Chop the corriander, as finely as possible. In a bowl, mix all spices and add lemon juice. Mix it up and coat the chicken pieces with it. Make sure you’ve done it properly or you’ll end up eating raw chicken.


Now move on to frying. Preheat butter or oil (whatever you’re using) in a pan. I used half butter and half oil. Now fry the chicken on medium heat.PhotoGrid_1430586758051

For sideline I went for sauteed cabbage and carrots along with some boiled corn. I seasoned them with vinegar and black pepper. Needless to say, they were yummy. If you don’t want to go for veggies, you can cook up a sauce, or go for the one I made last time.

PhotoGrid_1430586826789 (1)

The meal is really fulfilling if the chicken is properly fried with crunchy vegetables to munch on. Do drop in any of your recipes, God knows I need some variety in my food.


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Ayyan Ali’s media trial – is she entitled to privacy?

ayyan's bailThis has been debated before and will continue to be debated till we reach a final verdict. Which might be never. How much privacy are public figures entitled to? The recent and ongoing money laundering case involving Ayyan Ali has forced me at least, to think over this question again.

There is no arguing over the fact that the young model was a pawn and that the real criminals will probably never be caught. Yet it is her who has to go through a trial not only in court but also on the media. A lot of people wouldn’t sympathise with her and understandably so. She’s a model and all models are the same, i.e., corrupt and characterless. Right? Once we assume that she has no morals, it becomes very easy for the moral police to disregard her as a human and they bash her without guilt.

Few would keep themselves in her shoes and try to review her situation, however. She is 21 now and was probably 16 when the ‘big fish’ started using her to smuggle money. How could she have known any better at that age? She was being offered a successful career, fame, money and all the glitter that comes with it. We must ask ourselves: would we have known any better when we were 16? No one’s that mature and those who claim to be are bigger fools than the girl who is now in jail.

The constant media scrutiny is not just disgusting, it is heartless. Every time she sets out for court all the media is interested in are her clothes, makeup, tattoos, hairstyle, and cleavage. We never get to hear what went on during the hearing. She is constantly exposed to filthy comments, hungry stares and lewd smiles. People like to bash her for supposedly receiving VIP treatment in jail. I do commend the woman for putting up with such gross behaviour for so long.

What shames me more is that I’m part of the media that is responsible for the constant and vulgar scrutiny. I don’t know when we will get over the obsession of creating scandals and focus on delivering actual news.


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My Performance in Not an Item Number: Ayesha Omer

Originally posted on Fourth Dimension:


“This is Pakistan’s first road-trip film and I am confident it will garner a huge audience,” said Wajahat Rauf, director and producer of the much-awaited film Karachi se Lahore, starring Shehzad Sheikh, Ayesha Omar, Yasir Hussain and Javed Sheikh, among others. He was speaking at the occasion of his debut film’s trailer launch.

Ayesha had grabbed considerable media attention following the release of the teaser for Karachi Se Lahore, which features a glimpse of her performing what seems to be an item number. Clarifying that the every song complements the situation in the film, she said, “My performance number is not an item song. All songs in the movie are situational.” Ayesha shared that her role in the film is a challenging one. “It has a lot of shades. From a domestic girl to somebody who does disco, Maryam [her character] evolves throughout the film.”

The film revolves…

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