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Anime and Human Nature – Case in point: Stark from Bleach


One of the many things I’m loving about Bleach is that it opens up so many different perspectives. Each character has a story, has their reasons for doing what they do and even if you can’t sympathise, you can still understand the motivation. It’s not like contemporary novels or shows where the cliche ‘everyone is gray’ concept is rampant now. I haven’t watched a lot of anime shows but the few that I have actually enabled me to put myself in the characters shoes and see things from their perspective. Their actions might be wrong but their intentions aren’t always evil, sometimes they are even noble. For example, in Death Note, Lite uses the death note to rid the world of evil which is a pretty noble thought. And you can’t not pity Johan from Monster.

Stark is one such character who breaks stereotypes about those in power. Power isn’t always evil, and those who possess it aren’t always cruel. They are just as capable of love and sacrifice as anyone else. How many times have we decided to stay away from a person based on their appearance or abilities? It stands very true for me; being a loner, I tend to stay away from people who I think are different and I won’t get along with. I pass my judgement without ever making an effort to understand them. Stark is lonely because he is powerful. No one would consider him a friend because he is physically superior. In the end, all he has is his soul: Lilinette.

Through Stark’s character, Bleach has brilliantly put across the point that strength, physical or mental, does not exempt a person from human insecurities. Nothing makes you immune from loneliness. At the end of the day, we are all part of a community.

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7 study hacks to get you through your exams

It’s that time of the year and I am sure you are freaking out because you haven’t studied a word. No worries though. We are in the same boat and we’ll get through. You know why? Because I’m entrusting you with my golden 7 tips that wouldn’t make you a topper (you need to work hard for that) but you’ll still pass with wingless colours.

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These tricks are going to help the nerds too by the way because unlike the last time when I was a happy, ignorant student, this time I’m serious. Ok so here goes:

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Start with taking a deep breath

Relax. Tell yourself that you’ve still got time and it’s never too late (kehne mai koi harj nahi). You need to start off with a relaxed mind.

Turn your phone on silent

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Not just that, log out of your mail, Facebook, Twitter and every other social media account. Tweeting or sharing memes about exam stress is only going laugh in your face when you’re sitting in the exam hall, blank and wishing you’d done something productive with your life.


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As boring as this word sounds, it’s important and helpful. Organise your notes. If you have taken down lectures, go through them first for a quick revision. Then move on to the books or notes. Go through the contents and ONLY mark the parts you think are important. If you’ve gone through your notes, you’ll know for sure.

Set Goals

set and reach goal concept
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Set short term goals, or list down topics that you have to cover in order of priority and note them down in a journal or on post its. Better yet, you can log them on your smart phone. I use Evernote, which is a live saver since you can note ANYTHING and sync it on all your devices; phone, tablet, PC or laptop.

Time yourself

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Your teachers might blissfully be unaware of this fact but every person has a concentration span. After 30-45 minutes, your concentration starts waning and words become indecipherable runes. Set an alarm for 30 or 45 minutes and really study during that time. You can also use timer apps that would help you keep track of time and your progress. I’ve used Pomodoro Timer which reminds me when it’s time for break and when to get back to work.

If you want to track your progress in given time, Toggl is a great app to use.

Take breaks

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This is very important. Take 5-10 minutes off every time your alarm rings. Walk around the house (your legs need some movement), watch a funny video or catch up on your messages.

And lastly:

Don’t stay up late

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Do not stay past midnight. In fact I would suggest, go to bed earlier, say around 10pm. Shut your books and computer and tuck yourself in even if you aren’t done with the entire syllabus. Get up at 5 am and continue with a rested mind. Those 2-3 hours in the morning will prove to be more productive than any other time of day.

Good Luck!!

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