10 things curly haired girls are tired of hearing

It may seem like I’m whining but honestly, it’s hard not to complain when people keep repeating their remarks out loud every time they see your face even if it’s every day. Giving you a half-awed, half-condescending look, like they’ve never seen curly hair before a flow of stupid questions and tips follows that makes you want to pull your hair out. And they don’t care if you are annoyed, even if you are making it as obvious as possible.

I will be honest though, not all comments are bad. Here are 10 things curly haired girls listen to frequently:

1. Is your hair real? OR Where did you get the perm?


It’s flattering when people ask this but then at a certain point it gets exasperating especially if the same people keep on bugging you like your answer will change overnight.

2. When at the salon: why don’t you go for rebonding? Straight hair will look so good on you.

images (1)

I’m paying you to thread my eyebrows not to hear your suggestions. If I want to get my hair straightened I’ll get it done without asking you, thanks.

3. People randomly pulling a strand: OMG your hair is actually this long?


Crazy as it sounds, usually this comment comes from random strangers who actually pull your hair, normally in public like it’s no big deal.

4. It must be so hard to manage your hair no?


I don’t even know how to answer this one.

5. Do you brush your hair at all?

Photo on 2012-03-14 at 00.28 #2

I don’t want to look like a deranged animal

What’s the point of having curly hair if I have to brush it?!

6. Styling curly hair is impossible.

Say that again

Say that again

Really? I didn’t know braids and buns were meant for straight/wavy hair only.

7. Do you like your hair? OR You must wish you had straight hair right?


Tell me: why would I NOT like my hair? One reason.

8. Do you ever straighten it? How long does it take?


Half my life. And 2% humidity for it to go back being itself in 2 minutes.

9. Your hair is like springs. *pulls random strands*


And yours is like wires. Seriously just stop pulling my hair!

10. How do you style it in the morning?


I let it be. That’s how.


Women on wheels

IMG-20150530-WA0013How often do you come across a woman riding a bike in Pakistan? Rarely. Even in a sprawling city like Karachi, where the unthinkable is considered normal, such sights attract surprised stares.

Riding a bike in Pakistan is a no-no for women. A country where female drivers are criticized for daring to come out on roads, it requires extraordinary confidence for a woman to ride a bike on one of the busiest roads of Karachi: I.I Chundrigar road.

Just the other day, as I was chattering away with my friends in yet another rickshaw adventure at a noisy signal this was an unusual scene not just for me but for others as well. People gaped at her while she looked ahead confidently, waiting for the signal to turn green on her tree-wheeler.

Men would frown upon such a sight, declaring that she forgets her place by doing something that is solely reserved for men, at least in Pakistan. Avoiding bewildered or mocking stares and lewd jests is far from impossible. We need to question ourselves: what is so extraordinary about a woman riding a bike? Why are different vehicles reserved for different genders? A woman becoming a pilot is big news. Why? Because she is the ‘weaker’ sex and can’t be trusted with other people’s lives?

People say a woman’s place is her house and her highest honor is becoming a mother. So basically, we can trust the ‘weaker’ sex enough to raise the next generation but can’t trust her with bikes, cars and jets? Men call women weak and irresponsible without thinking that they themselves have been brought up by a woman who they depended upon for their life. The irony of our society’s attitude towards women is so huge I can’t even begin to comment on it.

Some might find my ranting about women rights over a small incident incomprehensible and irrelevant. But it is relevant! As a woman it angers me to see the way people frown at female drivers, often cursing them for getting in their way. They are treated like crap. Comments like kahan kahan se ajati hain, driving karni nahi ati, andhi ho kia are hurled so casually, it’s shocking. We live in a society that claims to be ‘respectful’ towards women, that claims that it treats women like ‘queens’. But coming across this sort of attitude, it seems that people here either live in a fool’s paradise or they are the biggest hypocrites alive. I’ll go with the latter.

An edited version was published here.

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Is Bol worthy of defense?

892002-axact-1432551236-716-640x480Ongoing Axact scandal has raised a lot of questions over Bol and the credibility of journalists who joined it, all of which are respected names in the industry. Few of them, that include Kamran Khan and Asma Shirazi, have left the channel and others may follow suit. This does make one wonder why they didn’t investigate the organisation’s activities before they joined. But there is another issue that is being brought to light: the ‘media trial’ of Bol.

After grilling the sham company for weeks, many journalists have now busied themselves in condemning media hostility towards the upcoming channel. Apparently it’s an attack on media. How? That’s for the people to figure out.

There is no dispute over the fact that media reporting of Axact scandal was beyond pathetic but honestly, that’s how Pakistani media deals with every issue no matter how sensitive it is. It also excels at blowing things out of proportion.

What I don’t understand is the logic behind Bol’s damnation affecting media freedom. The channel is funded by a firm whose reputation had always been questionable and now it has been accused, with strong evidence, of being involved in a worldwide scam. How can you defend its ‘integrity’? Does it even have any?

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