Sangeen Treason


The seemingly invincible finally broke down. The judiciary proved it’s indeed supreme. Round of applause for the brave souls who dared to stand up to a dictator cum traitor like Pervez Musharraf.

While I am happy that our judiciary is now ‘free’, I wish the justice imposed by the courts wasn’t subjective. Yes, leaders should be held accountable since they serve the state and therefore, must be questioned. But they shouldn’t be manipulated.

What exactly has Musharraf done to be called a traitor? Someone please tell me who did he betray? He can be charged for a lot of things but treason is not one of them. He pushed the country into war. So did Ayub Khan and Ziaul Haq. He violated the constitution. So did former dictators and ‘democratic’ governments. The dictators legalized the violation by using the ‘Doctrine of Necessity’. Maybe it’s because of that they aren’t termed as traitors. The elected governments passed amendments whenever it was necessary (for them). Every president and prime minister of Pakistan has manipulated the law. Every time the judiciary somehow justified their actions.

Ayub Khan and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto pushed the country into war in 1965 and then the latter’s ego led to the breakup of Pakistan in 1971. I know a lot of people will hate me for saying that, but it is the truth. Why aren’t they called traitors? Why are they treated as heroes of history? Z.A Bhutto amended the constitution the next day it was passed by the assembly. But he is still a hero. Sure he did a lot for Pakistan but the same can be said for Musharraf as well.

Ziaul Haq hanged a democratic leader on charges that he couldn’t prove against him, he uprooted the constitution and dissolved the assembly more than once and didn’t hesitate in sacking a prime minister who didn’t agree with him. To top it all, he participated in a war which is haunting us till today. How many times has our media or judiciary called him a traitor?

Irony is that we don’t even realize the gravity of the situation. To call your army chief a traitor raises questions about the entire state’s credibility. By declaring the chief of army as a traitor, you are actually suggesting that the army, perhaps the most respected institution in our country, is insincere.

Musharaff must be punished for the crimes he has committed. Not for the ones that he has been accused of by those who hold a personal grudge against him.

This was initially published here.

Too busy…doing nothing!

The other day my friend called me and I told her I couldn’t talk because I was at work. It was a pretty busy day and the fact that my boss sitting right beside me didn’t help. She didn’t mind and told me she’d call me later. It has been more than a week since and I still haven’t talked to her.

She called me later that day but I couldn’t take it because I slept early. When I checked my phone in the morning, I made a mental note to text her that I’ll call later. I couldn’t do it right away because I was getting late for work. When I reached office, I had a huge pile of work to do. By the end of the day my exhausted brain had flushed the reminder out of my mind.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened to me. I keep on thinking to get in touch with friends that I don’t see very often but something keeps coming up. It’s not always work, often I just keep putting it off till it slips my mind.


Height of irony!

Height of irony!

I know a lot of people have complained about this several times. And rightfully so. We live in an era where the world is on our fingertips 24/7 and yet we can’t take ‘time’ out for those close to us. Even if I have to call a friend, I have to decide a date and time to do so.

12 pm today? I wouldn’t even be up by then!

Afternoon? Will be busy with lunch and chores. So not possible.

5 pm? Ami comes home by that time. Nope.

7 pm today? Not possible, family time.

8 pm? No, I’ll be watching TV.

10pm? Maybe if I’m not caught up with something (usually a movie).

11pm? Too late and I’ll be sleepy.

Ok this weekend is final. Can’t do, need to go some place OR someone is coming over at my place.

As you must have noticed, the above is clearly about the time I was jobless. Yet I had countless reasons that stopped me from giving old friends a mere call. I’m sure when I get old and ready to die and reflect on my life, one of my biggest regret will be ignoring friends that are very important to me and that I never tried to take time out to tell them that.

Ah, too much sentiment. A chemical defect as Sherlock rightly said. Not sure if it makes you a loser though. Writing about it though, maybe. :P

Feminists, give the world a break!

Feminists are stupid. There. I said it. You are free to judge and hate me.

Sure there is injustice in this world. Sure women are being oppressed. Sure they are victims of abuse. Sure they are the ‘bechari makhlooqs’ that we see in almost every Pakistani serial. But if you open your eyes and look around, men go through the same. They are also wronged, abused and dominated by society’s norms like women are.

Why am I writing about this all of a sudden? A lot of things triggered it. First it was the Shahid Afridi drama that apparently caused a lot of girls to give up on their dreams and go to the kitchen because he said Pakistani women are good cooks. Then there was this article by a Brazilian woman who compared the women of Middle East and Brazil and ‘proved’ that women of both countries are victims of sexism. The constant complaining just gets to your mind you know. Whining all the time about everything that goes wrong in your life and blaming it on others does not make you strong. It just makes you a cry baby.

Girls in our society are not confined by men as much as they are by women around them. The notion that a girl is only worth something if she is married and has a man’s name attached to hers is fed in our minds by women around us. A girl starts judging herself by the number of admiring glances she gets when she steps out of her house. The discrimination between genders starts at home. It is a mother who tell her daughter to wait until her brother, (even if he is younger) eats because boys need more energy. A mother tell her daughter to abandon education and learn how to cook and clean because she has to get married and that’s what she’ll have to do all her life. When a girl is mistreated by her husband, it is usually her mother who tells her to suck it up because ‘ghar basana’ is more important than her self esteem.

I have never faced any of the above attitudes because my mother has never tried to mould me according to society’s norms. She has never tried to teach me that marriage is the sole purpose of my life. And she has never let my brothers think they can intimidate me because they are men. My brothers don’t mind making their own breakfast or making their beds. They don’t think it’s outrageous if I ask them to make me breakfast or tea while I watch TV. I don’t mind doing the same for them.

If women are being abused, men are being abused too only we choose not to see it. If young girls are being married off by their parents, boys are too. If women face discrimination at work, men face it too. If women are expected to look presentable and dress a certain way, then men are too. So these attitudes go either way. Just because you don’t want to accept it doesn’t meant that men don’t have to work just as hard to survive in this society as women.

Thank you!

Old Tactics…

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s honourary government banned Twitter for around 8 hours due to ‘blasphemous content’ being published by some people (who may be Twitter’s out-of-bounds children, the way our authorities were trying to make it control those unnamed individuals). Funnily many tweet-a-holics didn’t have a clue about any blasphemous competition going on on twitter till the government imposed the ban and announced the reason. Not surprisingly, after the uproar the ban caused, the micro-blogging site was back on soon after. A real in-your-face moment that must have been for the IT minister who, BTW, started trending in Pakistan alongside #TwitterBan, a short while after the ban was imposed.

But anyway, that’s not the point. The point is what happened at the end of the day? People across Pakistan tweeted against the ban and condemned the authorities for being so dumb and stupid (again). If there’s one thing Pakistani government can do best it is to help people find illegal ways to do extremely normal things by imposing a ban on them. A few years ago it was Facebook, banned for the same reason. Few hours after howling in pain and experiencing withdrawal symptoms, almost everyone was back on the site, uploading pictures, updating statuses and all the other useless and harmless things we do on Facebook, using alternate proxies. I really wanted to stick my tongue out at the Muslim government whose interior minister doesn’t even know how to recite a basic Surah from the Holy Quran. But that is not blasphemous. Nope. Because it’s a Muslim who’s reciting his holy book wrong, not a Christian or Hindu or other such things. Interestingly, no other Muslim country expressed its outrage the same way.
Social networking and blogging websites are the biggest platform for anyone to promote what they believe in. These sites help people communicate and unite under the flag of their similarities. For a country like ours, which lacks this very element, these websites can be a great platform for us to start and promote positive movements and emotions, only if our dear government let us. These sites are where we can share whatever’s on our mind without caring about any damned authority. Why does this Muslim government of ours fail to notice the hundreds and thousands of pages on Facebook promoting Islam and its teachings in the most peaceful and tolerant way than any of our mullahs and preachers? If we want to condemn the sites for what blasphemous content posted by individuals, we should applaud them for holy and positive content posted by its users as well. Don’t they deserve it?
My message to the Pakistani government: it’ll do us and you more good if you try to solve the violent war that is going on between religious sects in the country. You see, because in these not-so-online wars, people are actually dying with all the sensitive feelings they have for religion. And they can’t even condemn you for it.
This was originally published on Sunday, 20th May, 2012, here. A few months later, the Pak-saaf government banned YouTube because of an offensive video clip of thirteen minutes which most people were unaware of until the government announced it. Naturally, most of the Pakistani population saw that clip on YouTube after the ban was imposed. The site is still banned :P


It has been quite a while since anything going on in the country has affected me in any way. I have successfully become numb to all the horrid things happening around me every day, mainly because I have given up hope that any of it will change. But the recent incident in Hangu, where a 13 year old kid, Aitezaz Hussain, died, trying to stop a suicide bomber from bombing his school, saving hundreds of lives, managed to shake the ‘behiss’ wall I’d built around me.

Then, earlier today, in yet another horrifying blast, SP CID Chaudhry Aslam was killed. Several attempts had been made to kill him in the past and this time, the killers got their wish. The reason why his death has affected so many is because he was one of the few who aren’t afraid of naming and standing up against the terrorists. The wall around me shook a bit harder.

But the hopelessness remains. Even with such brave and dedicated people amongst us, we are still plagued with decade old problems and are still not ready to accept and deal with them. What are we willing to change to make sure that these heroes didn’t die in vain? In a few days, we will start hearing theories proving that both the martyrs weren’t as noble as they are said to be, that they don’t deserve so much attention, that thousands of others are dying every day, that drone attacks are still our biggest problem.

We are a nation who loves to malign our heroes and defend our enemies. We don’t want to be saved. All we have is meaningless words and theories that we cook up because we can’t serve our country in a better way. Our lives will only become worth saving when our mindsets are healed.

Humsafar – Reality


Humsafar is back with a bang (most probably because HUM TV has nothing good to air) and though I was one of the many who joined in the Humsafar mania, the fact remains that hot shots like Ashar (if they exist in the real world) never prefer ‘sada and masoom’ Khirads over the glamorous Saras. The following is inspired by real life situations, though much different in nature, but the bias factor was the same. The conclusion is, appearance matters more than grey matter.

This is how Humsafar trio will behave in real life.

Scene 1

Characters: Khirad, Ashar, Sara

Place: Curtain shop

Ashar: Which colour would you prefer for the living room’s curtains? Blue or purple?

Khirad (in a low voice): Ummm…

Ashar (smirking): Take your time. You have 10 seconds.

Khirad (after a while, in low voice): Blue, I suppose.

Enter Sara.

Sara (grinning, too suggestively): HI Ashar.

Ashar (mirroring her expression): Right on time Sara. We are deciding which colour would be better for our living room curtains. Blue or purple? Khirad says blue. (Turns towards Khirad again) So any particular reason for not choosing purple?

Khirad (in a low voice): Purple is too flashy.

Ashar (sighs in exasperation and disregards her answer): What do you think Sara?

Sara (flashing another smile): Blue because purple is too flashy.

Ashar: You’re right. You were right too Khirad but you see Sara has a proper explanation of her choice.

You better take notes Khirad.

You better take notes Khirad.

Scene 2

Characters: Khirad, Ashar, Sara

Place: Dining room

Khirad and Sara cook up some food. Ashar sits down to taste.

Ashar (looking down on Khirad’s dish dispassionately): Hmm.

Takes a bite, nods and pushes it back without comment.

Ashar (smiling widely at Sara): So what have you cooked up today Sara?

Sara smiles and bats her eyelashes and puts down her platter.

Ashar: I’m already sure it’s delicious. (Takes a bite)  And I was right! Good job, again.

Sara: OMG Ashar gave me a compliment, you have made my day! Thank you.

Khirad: Was there something wrong with mine?

Ashar: Oh, no nothing. But Sara’s looked better. (Winks at Sara as she flashes her evil grin at Khirad)

Sara (in a fake polite voice): Oh but I’m sure she tried her best.

You Rock, Sara!

You Rock, Sara!

Oh stop it you! Khirad you are allowed to leave.

Oh stop it you! Khirad, you are allowed to leave.

Scene 3

Characters: Khirad, Ashar, Sara

Place: Ashar’s office

Ashar, Khirad and Sara are discussing a ‘business presentation’.

Ashar: So sales are going down. You have 10 seconds to come up with a suggestion to improve them.

After 10 seconds:

Khirad: Improve product quality.

Sara: Launch a colourful advertising campaign.

Ashar: Sara is right. Packaging attracts customers, not quality Khirad. Think rationally.


Favouritism sucks. Sucks, I tell you.

What We Should Learn From Kids

Kids are such cutie pies!!! Found this over the internet and can’t help but share it :) :) :) The captions are my own in this one. Pictures were taken from here.

Be proud of who you are.

enhanced-buzz-7603-1384711731-9Never be afraid to speak your mind.

enhanced-buzz-12835-1386433453-3Ambition is never strange. 


Don’t beat around the bush. State the obvious.


Have your own world of reality. 


If you love something, don’t hesitate in getting it.